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July 04, 2012


Meet Hayden, 3. She is a little miracle baby.

Meet Mommy and Daddy, Becca and Matt. Becca is Jess’s sister. Mat and Becca are both Frederick city police officers.


Gah! Those lashes!


and those BIG, beautiful eyes!





Beautiful couple. I have not photographed them since their wedding in 2009.


another Favorite! yes, another. I’m allowed.


I am totally going to do this story no justice, but I will try. Hayden was born VERY premature. And as you may know the March of Dimes is an organization founded on helping premature babies. Becca’s tatoo is a memorial to her daughter and the ribbon on the bird is the March of Dimes ribbon. See, I did it no justice.


Favorite. Yep, #3.


And favorite #4. Love it to the moon.


Much love friends,


July 03, 2012

Tim, Jess and I go way back…like back to junior high school. We are still good friends and every year usually over a play date or dinner Jess says “I need to get on your calendar!”. Sure thing beautiful momma. Then, Jess proceeds to dance around with an ear to ear smile for the next month until her session date has come.  hehe


Meet Aubrey. She is Vivian’s bestest buddy. So cool that our little girls are only 6 weeks apart in age.

Jess said she wanted colorful! I think she got it! I love it.


Hello, gorgeous.

You two are the cutest. This image says “L.O.V.E”.


Hello, handsome.


Such a beautiful little family.


Kylee loves modeling for me. And I love taking her picture.




Future tumbler for sure.


Watch out, Daddy. She is going to be a heart breaker.



Jess, you are beautiful. I think I tell you this every time I take your pictures but it bears repeating.



Love you!! Miss you bunches! Mwah! Smooch! Cannot wait to see you on Sunday!

Much Love,

Robin, Jason and V!