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August 27, 2012



Oh, Amy. Where to start?! I cannot even remember how many times I’ve photographed your sweet family. I do know I’ve gotten good at bribing your kids and hopping like a frog. ha! I love you and your sweet family.


Bribe#1. If I can take a picture of you and mom, then you can take a picture with my camera. Success.


I want a picture like this with my Dad.


This is reminiscent of an earlier place and time. ha. I think I am holding Charlotte..little peanut.

Lane, how old are you? Wait a minute…that cant be right. You are almost 4!?

Okay, quick think of another bribe already!

Get ‘er Lane, get ‘er!

Okay, fine. We’ll do Mommy and Daddy pictures for  a few minutes.

Can you say RAWWWWRRRR!

Look at that smile!? Gah, I love it Tommy!

Bribe #2. I’ll come play thomas the train and baby’s with you when we’re done. Success. Well, sort of. I got the stare down from Charlotte.

Death stare……

It started raining just as we finished. And you know what rain and sunshine brings, right?!

Life is full of decisions. Sometimes it includes dancing in the rain.

Somebody wanted us to know he was watching and he liked it. It’s like he’s smiling over us.

Back to the house to full fill my promise. Charlotte told me great story.

Lane was more interested in taking photos of me. I think he needs his own camera.

Love you all to the moon and back! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!


August 25, 2012

I want to be able to look back at pictures of J and I when we are old and think  “Damn, we were hot!”. I know I remember looking through old photographs of my Grandmother and thinking “Wow, she was so pretty when she was young”. When I’m 80, I want my grandchildren to know what I looked like at 28. Far too often we don’t have any pictures of us as a couple but rather us as a family. So, I wanted to make sure we documented our love through the years. One of our close friends, Jennifer, from Tiptoe Studios was kind of enough to oblige. And let me tell you just how much I love these photos….L.O.V.E. love love love them. They are exactly what I wanted and needed. I cannot thank her enough.

Now, on with the pictures.

August 10, 2012

I am forever grateful for my clients and their referrals. It is after all how I meet most of my clients. I am forever indebted to all of you. Tim and Kristi were no exception and I knew right away we had a connection. Tim and Kristi were married at Thorpewood in May. Thorpewood is a great location near Thurmont. If you are planning a summer wedding when the weather tends to be HOT, Thorpewood is a great place. It is located in a little pocket of cool air in the mountains/woods.

I met up with Kristi at Thorpewood just in time to capture her putting her dress on.



Corset backs always make outstanding picture moments.

Meet Tinkerbell, the ring bearer and Tim and Kristi’s first born.


I have not seen these before but I LOVE them. They served dual purpose as walkway lighting at the reception.

I love this part. Tim, your expression says it all.


Melt my heart. Melt my heart.

Kristi, you’re smile lights up a southern sky.


The pine cone Cathedral is an amazing location for a ceremony. Seats made out of trees cut in half. Shade of the pine trees. Its perfect.


Thorpewood’s lodge is very rustic and full of texture and charm.

Bring it girls!



that color. Apple slice. you are welcome.

Poor little guy. he was exhausted.


Kristi, being crafty, painted the design these hurricanes. So clever.


Everyone rally around the bride and groom.


A lovely ending to a lovely day. Congratulations you two. you know you are more than clients. You are friends even if it is only on Facebook in between photo shoots. I look forward to capturing many more memorable moments in your lives.  Much love friends.