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November 09, 2012

Oh, sweet Juniper. June is now 2 years old and tall and lanky like her Momma. Such a sweet peach.


If you remember Juniper, then you may just remember this from March of 2011. This picture makes me laugh for two reasons. 1) Vivian was so FAT! and 2) Vivian was so FAT! Okay, that makes one.


Flash forward a year and a half and you get this sweet picture.  I wish I had pictures like this of me and my besties through the years.


Back to the reason for this photo shoot. My good friend and fellow photographer, Lori, wanted family photos. Only one problem, Jon couldn’t make it. Well, seeing as we rescheduled once before Lori wanted to go ahead and get pictures of her and the kids. Yep, kids as in plural. Lori had a little boy named Bastian.


So sweet. Lori said it best ” This is definitely one that I (and I suspect he) will always cherish”. Mission accomplished.


I was lucky enough to have Lori capture Vivian  nursing back in 2011, and they are images and memories I will cherish forever.  Lori mentioned that she regretted not having nursing photos of Juniper and I wasn’t going to let that happen again.


I’m going to get you, June!


Lori’s request. Photos of putting June’s hair in piggy tales. In midst of the day to day rush, it’s nice to remember the small things you enjoy with your children.


Belly Button!

Kisses and hugs! Love you Swadley family!


November 01, 2012

Vivian’s first trick or treating experience last night! She had so much fun. Hopefully, next year she will want to be something scary like mommy. Free costumes are the best! Thanks Sasah! I’ve had this pumpkin costume for two years waiting for Vivian to be old enough to walk around herself. Although, I’m still hiding the candy. hehe