I am a Crossfitter and love throwing heavy weights around. It’s empowering.

I like peanut butter…like a lot.  It’s best with plain greek yogurt and banana. Mmmmm.

I’m addicted to double bergamot earl grey tea with cream. I also love the taste of coffee but prefer no caffeine.

I am gluten sensitive and live a gluten free life out of necessity.

My husband, J, is my rock. My daughter, Vivian, is my world. Our little family is happy and healthy. What more could we ask for?!

I love Nora Roberts’ romantic novels. Weddings are like romantic novels told through pictures for me.

I am a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and have a degree from Shepherd University in Accounting & Finance. It pays the bills.

I was born at home in a log cabin down a dirt road miles from civilization with a midwife . My mother grew most of our food and washed our cloth diapers by hand in a wash bin with a wash board. There, now you know what makes me, well, me.  According to my husband, I am a hippie at heart. I come by it honest.

I could never draw in art class but felt this urge to create something. I tried architecture but it just wasn’t my thing. I gave up on art.

Then, I discovered photography and my artist at heart flourished. I had found my passion. It keeps me sane.