November 09, 2013

In real life, not this reality tv wonderland, we all have ups and downs and we all handle them differently. For me, I have mini-meltdowns which usually include a wee bit of crying. Okay, so maybe it’s more than a wee bit of crying.  But in the end I feel better when I get it off of my mind. A big hug from J and snuggles with my little family get me through. Then, it’s back to reality and learning to work through the daily struggles of balancing work, being a mommy, being a wife, making dinner, working out, remembering it’s purple day at school, editing photos, paying bills, studying for the CPA exam and remembering that I need to sleep at some point! That is just a little taste. Now, that is enough whining because whining will get me nowhere. I will make the list and move methodically through it knowing it will ALL get done in due time. Stressing and whining about it now will get me nowhere other than back to my corner crying. So, here’s to letting the little things go and embracing this crazy, hectic, love-filled life.

Here are some pictures from our trip to Kettle Falls, WA to visit my BFF, Lauren, back in August.

 Yep, it’s my blog. And I can put naked butt pictures up because it’s MY blog. So there.

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This pictures is looking back at the ridge I took the previous picture from. Yep, Lauren used to live up there on top of that hill.


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And some iPhone photos….


this is in Spokane…



the beautiful view at Lake Ellen1146507_10200350798197672_1792866362_n

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