September 17, 2014

My baby is 4! Eeek! She never ceases to amaze me with her smarts, kindness and genuine love. She also ┬ámakes me laugh because she says the funniest things. Here’s some of her recent quotes and some pictures I took quick last Sunday morning after I realized I never did take her official 4 year pictures.


That truck looks like daddy’s except his is way cooler.

There’s a lot of bad storms from the west but not that many.

Yeah, we’re coffee drinkers.




When are we gonna get horsies? I want a pony.

Can I go feed the chickens naked.

Mommy, I miss the chickens. They can’t sleep by themselves.



You need more Luke Bryan songs.


Daddy has lots of money. When are we going to build a house?

I’m carrying the scraps because I’m a chicken feeder.


I’ve got big barney feet.

I’m a doctor just like Auntie Gracie is a doctor.


I rub their (baby doll) back because I’m their big sister.

I’m like 4 ft tall.

I have HOT pee!

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