February 20, 2013


Angela and Zenovy met up with J and I at Snowshoe Resort back in January. It was COLD! I mean like -4 plus a wind chill. Brrrrrrrr! These two were such troopers. We started off inside their villa.

Those cheek bones! Gah. You are gorgeous Angela.



angela_zenovy_snowshoe-104  angela_zenovy_snowshoe-106


Then, we headed outside into the cold. Aren’t the bushes neat looking coated with snow and ice?!


Yes, it really looked like that. Snow was swirling and whirling about everywhere in your face.



They don’t even look cold.angela_zenovy_snowshoe-109


I must have done a funny dance. lol


Angela and Zenovy don’t ski or snowboard but we just had to.

angela_zenovy_snowshoe-111 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-112 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-113 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-114

Hello Handsome!

angela_zenovy_snowshoe-115 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-116 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-117 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-118 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-119 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-120 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-121  angela_zenovy_snowshoe-123 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-124 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-125

Then, we headed inside for a quick coffee to warm up.

angela_zenovy_snowshoe-126 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-127

The day before I saw this amazing barn on the way up to the resort and knew we had to use it.

angela_zenovy_snowshoe-128 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-129 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-130

Work it Zenovy!

angela_zenovy_snowshoe-131 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-132 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-133 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-134 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-135 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-136 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-137 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-138 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-139 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-140 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-141

I love my clients. Will you sit in the snow? Sure.angela_zenovy_snowshoe-142 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-143 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-144 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-145 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-146 angela_zenovy_snowshoe-147

Much Love friends! I sure hope you consider asking me to travel with you to Ohio! 😉