December 10, 2012

Emily and Jeremy were married in September in Shepherdstown at a private farm steeped with history.  Their celebration was one of love and friendship. The most laid back wedding and enjoyable wedding. Thank you both for the honor of capturing your wedding day.

In the world of iPhone’s, paper and pen still mean more.

Mama Nibert keeping everything organized.

Poor Emily fell in her wedding shoes at rehearsal the night before and had a pretty black and blue ankle. No worries though Emily simply wore a more comfortable pair of Tom’s.

Beautiful lace…need I say more. Classic beauty.



















Emily and Jeremy had one of the best first looks. EVER.
























































Then, it was time to see Grandma. Such an emotional time.  I was in tears, too.








































Emily had thought of EVERY detail.





















Nice play on words Emily!





















Married! It’s about time!

The shoes didn’t last long. Barefoot is definitely the way to go.

 Quick back story. Emily had her Grandmother’s ring but accidentally dropped it in the grass. Then, all of her guest immediately started scouring the grass for it.

Found it!

Love this picture of Emily. Her smile lights up the night sky.

I love the first dance.

Beautiful sunset.

The newlywed game is always fun.

Congratulations! Much love,