August 04, 2013

Erin and I go back to elementary school. I love love love photographing grade school friends’ weddings. It’s the best. Seriously, I really do love it. We share stories from our grade school days and pick up where we left off as kids. And it’s so amazing and a honor to share in their glorious day. It makes my heart happy to seem them happy after all these years.

Erin and Joe attended the same high school. And if you ask Erin they never met but according to Joe they did. Erin really left an impression on Joe. Years went by and their paths crossed again.


erinjoe_trinity-101 erinjoe_trinity-102 erinjoe_trinity-103

Ladies, wear a veil. You only wear it on your wedding day, so why not?!

erinjoe_trinity-105 erinjoe_trinity-106 erinjoe_trinity-107 erinjoe_trinity-108 erinjoe_trinity-109 erinjoe_trinity-110 erinjoe_trinity-111 erinjoe_trinity-112

I always envision in my mind they type of dress the bride will wear. Yep, exactly what I envisioned. Classic, lace

erinjoe_trinity-113 erinjoe_trinity-114 erinjoe_trinity-115 erinjoe_trinity-116 erinjoe_trinity-117

Um…the back of her dress?! speechless.

erinjoe_trinity-118 erinjoe_trinity-119

That is perfect ballerina posture. erinjoe_trinity-120 erinjoe_trinity-121 erinjoe_trinity-122 erinjoe_trinity-123 erinjoe_trinity-124 erinjoe_trinity-125 erinjoe_trinity-126 erinjoe_trinity-127

Best friends. Stevie and Erin. erinjoe_trinity-128 erinjoe_trinity-129 erinjoe_trinity-130 erinjoe_trinity-131 erinjoe_trinity-132 erinjoe_trinity-133 erinjoe_trinity-134 erinjoe_trinity-135 erinjoe_trinity-136 erinjoe_trinity-137 erinjoe_trinity-138 erinjoe_trinity-139 erinjoe_trinity-140 erinjoe_trinity-141 erinjoe_trinity-142 erinjoe_trinity-143 erinjoe_trinity-144

Favorite!erinjoe_trinity-145 erinjoe_trinity-146

How about this bouquet??!!!


erinjoe_trinity-148 erinjoe_trinity-149

I love how Erin’s mom is just gazing at her daughter and in aw of her beauty.

erinjoe_trinity-150 erinjoe_trinity-151 erinjoe_trinity-152 erinjoe_trinity-153 erinjoe_trinity-154

Not a dry eye in the house, including mine.

erinjoe_trinity-155 erinjoe_trinity-156

Love love love me a good dad. Look at Erin’s Dad’s hand on Erin’s arm as she walks back down the aisle.


Horse and carriage ride! Contact for your carriage ride!

erinjoe_trinity-158 erinjoe_trinity-159 erinjoe_trinity-160 erinjoe_trinity-161


Best woman’s tattoo = perfect! I didn’t even notice until I was editing!

erinjoe_trinity-162 erinjoe_trinity-163 erinjoe_trinity-164 erinjoe_trinity-165 erinjoe_trinity-166

Much love Erin and Joe!