December 09, 2013


Kati and Chris were married in September on Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland. Jason came along as well for some fishing.  It was such a heart felt time. Thank  you, your family and friends for making us feel like family. We had a great time.

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Kati made her bouquet about 45 minutes before the ceremony and it was perfect.

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REAL buttons!

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 holy cuteness…love how the girls are looking at Troy. And those headpieces were handmade by a lady on Etsy.

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Troy watching Momma and Daddy trying to figure out what’s going on…love.

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Kati, you are beautiful inside and out.

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My favorite!

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Oh, yes. Some fun with the tilt shift lens.

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Kati and her Grandma…gosh I love this so much. the relationship you share is very special.


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And another favorite.

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Your friends were so much fun!


so  much emotion in this photo. Kati’s Great Aunt Joyce.

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Look who managed a photo with Kati! J took one of Kati and I but it wasn’t in focus! Figures. he sure does know how to steal the show. I did mange and iPhone picture with Kati. hehe


 Much love you two! Mwah!