September 04, 2013

Meet my sister, Carina and her family. They live in Perth, Australia.


My sister, Carina, lives in Perth, Australia. I would move there if I wasn’t such a chicken to leave my friends and family. It is a beautiful place live. J and I say we’d move there a lot. But the truth is we have some family who would be very upset if we moved their only Grandchild to the other side of the World!

Anyway, my sister was visiting the states for some time in July and asked that I take a few pictures. This was the FIRST time I have taken pictures of them.

You see the first picture above? Yes, that started it all. Then, this happened.



And this. RJ true personality.

marshall-103 marshall-104 marshall-105

I was a little nervous…okay, fine. A LOT nervous because well you see Luke is quite the artist with his camera. He has held his OWN exhibitions and won numerous awards for his photography.

Good thing he likes the artsy stuff. Sun flare coming at ya.

marshall-106 marshall-107

Don’t’ the kids look thrilled?!



My favorite. The Grandpa monster was doing disgusting things above my head and poor RJ was hiding.


Apparently, there’s  another monster! Watch out!


As requested.


So who’s having more fun?



It was hot and sticky.  But we had to get a couple of just Carina and Luke. Who knows what evil thing Carina did to evoke this laugh from Luke but it’s awesome.


See this image below? Now, scroll down.


As soon as I saw this photo while editing, I instantly thought about the one below from about 15 years ago. They look the same. Mind the weird scanned color.


 Love and miss you tremendously!  See you in 2015 if not sooner!