December 30, 2013



Meet Monica, Dean, Michael & Gabriel (in the belly). It’s been a while since I photographed this family. Michael was just a newborn. Now, he is a big 3 1/2 year old. We do see him regularly; typically at the grocery store on Sundays. lol  We both obviously live by ritual. I was ecstatic when I saw Monica at the grocery store with a baby belly! Here’s Gabriel still in the belly and stay tuned for his newborn pictures coming up in just a few days!


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I love this photo…Monica is so happy and it’s everyday happenings. Sometimes the best picture is the completely unscripted, spontaneous photo. And that is what this is.


And this one is how you get Daddy’s who don’t like pictures to smile and have fun. Oh and that sunset was amazing.



Thank you for your friendship Monica. Mwah!

Much love,